Blank Manuskript (AU) support act Day Six GEANNULEERD

Blank Manuskript (AU) support act Day Six GEANNULEERD

15:00 - 18:00

't Blok

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Blank Manuskript is an ArtRock project from Salzburg 

lead by Dominik Wallner and Alfons Wohlmuth. 
Typical long songs ornamented with a high level of 
symphonic density and elaborate polyphonics as well
as extended improvised sections lead their audience 
through an entire musical adventure. Their 
compositional approach seeks to combine all sorts of 
different styles and traditions needed to serve the 
initial concept of their works. Hence the arrangements 
are carefully structured with complex rhythmical 
patterns and establish a sound-scape that can hardly 
be found in music nowadays. The lyrical elements are 
picturesque with a worked out mystic touch and though 
at a first glance arcane they always affect current life. 
As the music always follows the narrated concept one 
might label it contemporary rock program music ... 
what else?!

Support act DAY SIX
De mannen van Day Six komen zich vast inspelen,
voor hun tour met Treshold.



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