IT / Quiet Wish

IT / Quiet Wish

14:30 - 18:00

't Blok

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IT are a progressive rock band, based in London, England. Beginning life as a psychedelic, multi-media group, IT is a band with a colossal sound that shakes the bones, with a barrage of images that feeds the mind. IT’s sound fuses the classic melodies of prog rock’s past with a passion and intensity usually only found in punk or metal bands. Politics, religion, war and sexuality all come under the band’s lens for critical examination. Lyrics are intelligent, challenging and occasionally darkly humorous. The bottom line is that the IT experience will inform your thinking, feelings and memory long after the last notes have ended

 Quiet Wish play original music currently mainly in a style influenced by ambient-alt-rock/trip-hop/progressive/experimental styles, making use of guitar synthesizers, loopers and drum pads to build a full live sound. There is influence from Massive Attack, Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins, and maybe sometimes similarity to a laid-back Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks combo. The inspiraton for many of their songs is the “the world we live in”, awareness of our environment and trying gently to persuade people to change our world for the better.

IT – House

This is our latest video to support the release of the new single House taken from the album We're All In This Together. It is available to buy at – other digital sites will soon be online. Thanks for your support. Nick and Andy.

Geplaatst door IT op Vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

Burn With Care – by Quiet Wish

While we are busy with recording plans in the next couple of months, we will be releasing periodically some full songs from our 'Fusion warm-up' gig on 24th March 2018. First up is Burn With Care.

Geplaatst door Quiet Wish op Zondag 29 april 2018

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