Red Sand (Canada)

Red Sand (Canada)

Red Sand (Canada)

15:00 - 18:00

't Blok

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Red Sand returns at ProgFrog in 2024

Red Sand, a Canadian Progressive Rock band since 2004 has been broadening it’s fan base more and more as the years go by. Having been picked as ’Best Discovery Band’ in 2004 by ’Metal Hammer’ in Poland, they have forged their own sound and style.

They are presently at their best with Steff on vocals, Perry Angelillo on drums, and Simon Caron on guitar, bass and keyboards. The live band is augmented by André Godbout on bass and Jean-Benoit Lemire on keyboards.

And now, Red Sand is on the verge of releasing their 10th studio album entitled ’The Sound Of The Seventh Bell’.
This new opus will be based on the seven capital sins, nothing less. The band has never backed away from telling stories as they are, whether it is cruelty to animals, crooked government business, pedophilia or how badly human beings can sometimes be treated,

Red Sand do not back away from freedom of speech. Ever since the ’Forsaken’ album, Simon’s younger daughter Barbara has been composing mature, engaging lyrics which has added even more strength to the band.

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