Red Sand (Canada)

Red Sand (Canada)

Red Sand (Canada)

15:00 - 18:00

't Blok

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Founded in Quebec, Canada in 2003. 
Red Sand was created by guitarist Simon Caron, a self-proclaimed David Gilmour, Andy Latimer, Steven Rothery, IQ, BB King and Albert Collins fan. At age 18, he started a couple of progressive rock bands (Fénix and Océan) and then left the music scene for a while. Unable to stay away from prog very long, however, he started to write again, searched for a band to perform his music and was soon surrounded by seasoned musicians most willing to oblige. Thus Red Sand was born. There has been a few personnel changes since and the band now consists of Caron himself on guitar, assisted by classically trained vocalist Stéphane Dorval, keyboard player Jean Benoit Lemire,  bassist André Godbout and  drummer Perry Angellilo.

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