Moonrise (Poland)

Moonrise (Poland)

Moonrise (Poland)

15:00 - 18:00

't Blok

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Als de 1,5 meter regel verdwijnt, zal het concert hoogstwaarschijnlijk op 29 november plaatsvinden.

Moonrise is the project of multi-instrumentalist Kamil Konieczniak from Poland. His instrumental skills, which he gained from an early age and interest in music resulted in the creation of compositions that were on three albums: “The Lights of A Distant Bay” (2008), “Soul’s Inner Pendulum” (2009) “Stopover – Life” (2012) ) Currently, he cooperates with the vocalist Marcin Staszek, with whom he recorded the fourth album entitled “Travel Within”. The album was released on June 3, 2019.

The style of MOONRISE is a blend of influences from bands like Genesis, Marillion and IQ with melodic AOR, producing atmospheric Neo Progressive rock that flows gently from start to end. In some tracks Marcin also presents us a harder edge with some almost metalic touches. Don’t expect radical changes but the excellent guitar work and lush keyboards will make of their album an interesting experience. Lyrics in English are based on the personal experience and feelings of the author – majorly Łukasz Gall. Moonrise is a good band for prog fans interested in the dreamy and ambiental side of Neo Prog with a hard edge that appears once in a while.

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