The Humps – Camel Tribute (Israel)

The Humps – Camel Tribute (Israel)

The Humps - Camel Tribute (Israel)

15:00 - 18:00

't Blok

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Formed in Israel in 2006 by 5 Camel loving (and living…) musicians.
The project was quickly rewarded by enthusiastic and very happy crowds
cheering to Camel songs played live and asking only for more and more.
The Humps are considered today the leading Camel tribute band.
In the 2-hour long delightful show, The Humps recreate the warm Camel spirit of Andy Latimer and friends.
Among the classics they perform, you will find “Lady Fantasy”, “The Snow Goose”, “Supertwister”, “Never Let Go”, “Ice”, “Lies” and much more.
3 years after the previous tour, The Humps are excited to return to Europe for a Camel celebration!

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